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Email marketing is the best way to take your Shopify online shop to the next level. Because, Email Marketing helps you to increase your marketing, conversion, sales, and revenue at the same time. But to start your email marketing for Shopify, you need the right choice of the best email marketing software for the Shopify Store.

Why do you need to Shopify email marketing?

You need to start Shopify email marketing because_

  • Email marketing gives a $42 return ROI for every $1 on average investment.
  • The easiest way to reach targeted customers.
  • Increase brand awareness and credibility.
  • Convert website traffic to customers.
  • Create Relationships with website visitors.
  • The total number of worldwide email users is 4+ billion.
  • Best and cheap marketing channel to increase sales and revenue.

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The 7 Best Shopify Email Marketing Apps and Software.

1. Klaviyo.

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Klaviyo Shopify Email Marketing

The Klaviyo is an email marketing software and app that focus on Shopify web stores. It’s a data-driven email marketing tool with multiple automated features to give you the boost you need. It focuses on numerous aspects of your business with automated tools. With the simple designing tools, feedback, and a segmentation system with multiple other small tools to give your business the required boost.

Founded in 2002, Klaviyo has already named itself one of the best email marketing software out there. With time, they’ve integrated with multiple high-end Shopify email marketing tools to give their customer a powerful boost to establish their brand. Currently, Klaviyo has a plethora of paid and free services available for its clients to try out.

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2. GetResponse

GetResponse is one of the most popular platforms for Shopify email marketing. Cause this is the most accessible newsletter tool with a ton of pro features that is available.

Getresponse Shopify Email Marketing

Getting responses is a big claim, and it’s the price. It is competitive. This excellent company’s global reach extends to 182 countries.

And you are over 1 billion subscribers every month. So, what do you think, there are so many emails. They are feature-wise email marketing services.

So, they can feel proud of themselves. Because the perfect design gets its best email marketing services. And testing video email marketing and custom landing pages.

Their new feature is important for commercial people. It can work as a Shopify online store with payment processing. All tools and integrates are available on GetResponse for Shopify email marketing.

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3. Constant Contact

Since 1995, Constant Contact is familiar with email marketing. Nowadays, it has become one of the most used Shopify email tools in the world, with 650,000 customers.

Review and details have taught us about constant Contact and this fantastic product. Let’s share them with you! It plays a vital role in the business. It has a lot of amazing features. They provided users with a built-in events management tool in the past few days.

Constant Contact has powerful tools to create responsive email-run online store campaigns. You can track your real-time sales and revenue of Shopify shops with Constant Contacts tools.

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4. Omnisend

Omnisend Email Marketing for Shopify

Are you struggling with Shopify email marketing? If yes, you are not alone. It happens with almost every eCommerce/Shopify beginner. You need a software program like Omnisend for Shopify eCommerce to help you save time using email automation. Before we dive into Omnisend review and whether you should get Omnisend for eCommerce or not, Let’s have an overview of email marketing and what we are going to discuss in this article.

Ominsend is an email marketing software tool that can help you get better conversions using automation and some easy ways.

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5. MailChimp

Are you swinging to opt for the best Shopify email marketing software? Unquestionably, it matters a lot to you, as you are working on an online business or entrepreneur. You can choose MailChimp for your Shopify Store to improve sales and revenue.

The total marketing platform that Mailchimp has is helping to make the small business market smarter so you can grow faster.

They should use AI power which can provide user-friendly tools. With the help of these tools, anyone can help to gain success. It will remain the backbone of customer relationships.

MailChimp pop-up is often the first newsletter tool. It happens because of their great marketing and aesthetic. But it’s not for only one person. They request to send 10800 emails over their platform every second. They offer you a free plan to help you.

This allows you to send 10,000 emails to 2,000 customers a month. It is good news for SMBs and personal accounts. Because maximum templates and tools are available on free accounts.    

MailChimp has another available feature in its own CRM through a free account. If you are searching for all in one solution in SMB, then this feature will be helpful for you.

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6. AWeber.

For Shopify and small businesses, Email marketer AWeber can be another smart option. It is supporting us for over 20 years and successfully over millions of customers. It is affordable, and the auto-response features make it more appealing. 

As a user, this application allows us to capture the data by creating a list of the mail. Based on the list, we can easily send newsletters to potential subscribers. And with the help of auto-response features, it will make the user more comfortable and reliable.

There are so many standard features that we can find in email marketing software. Like an auto-response, the default builds in the template, etc. but some other eye-catching features can make software unique from other competitors. Like; blog to-email functionality, split testing, 24/7 support, list segmentation options, integrations with third-party apps, etc.

Honestly speaking, it is a reliable app that can be admired. After all, it is user-friendly and low in price as well.

7. Drip

Drip is a top Shopify Email Marketing app. A lot of facilities are available in Drip email marketing to promote the Shopify store and track conversion & revenue. You can easily integrate Drip with Shopify Store.

promoting is an email advertising procedure made out of different messages conveyed on explicit occasions and dates. After joining your email list through a structure, they will conveniently get the letters until the battle closes.

Drip battles are actualized utilizing showcasing mechanization so we can set up the messages and timetable when each will be sent to the endorsers. 

This battle type is the thing that their promoting automation Email marketing highlight will assist us with accomplishing on the off chance that we pursued a record with them (on the off chance that we haven’t as of now). 

What makes trickle battles innovative contrasted with different sorts of email advertising strategies is they consolidate the capacity to assemble our rundown while sending them messages that they pursued in any case. 

Final Words: We hope you can now choose the best software for your Shopify web stores.


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