The 11 Best Free Email Signature Generator In 2023

An email signature is a backbone of an email. You can find a lot of email signature generator tools online. But all the email signature creators are not good for all. We discuss the 10 best free HTML email signatures for you. You can use these email signature generators for free.

What is an email signature?

An email signature is a block with contact information, links, and images, that is automatically added at the bottom of an email message. It can include various elements such as a name, job title, phone number, email address, and website link. It is used to provide the recipient with the sender's contact information, and can also be used to add a professional or personal touch to an email. A good professional email signature increases the email CTR and improves brand awareness. An email signature is also important in email marketing.

11 Best Free HTML email signature design tool.

  1. HubSpot.
  2. Canva
  3. WiseStamp.
  4. Signature Maker.
  6. Sign my emails.
  7. Newoldstamp.
  8. Design Hill.
  10. Mail Signatures.

Email is the most effective method of communication in our personal and corporate life. Most people use email to communicate with each other with emailing. For this reason, the email signature is an important part of our email because it's highlighted and exposes our brand. So, you need to add a unique and awesome email signature to your email.

Benefits and importance of having an email signature.

An email signature has various benefits. Here are a few major benefits of an email signature.

Increase brand awareness.

Email signature increases your brand signature. It's a great way to introduce your brand to recipients. An email signature contains your brand's name, logo, contact info, etc. So your recipient easily identifies who is you.


A unique and proper email signature highlights your personality and professionalism. It indicates that you are a real and professional person.

Improve email deliverability.

If you include a responsive email signature then increase your email deliverability rate. Your email will be not marked as spam.

Increase CTR.

A good-looking and professional email signature increase CTR. Your delivery email will be trustworthy and open & click your email.

Increase Social Followers.

If you add your social icon to your email signature then the receiver will click your profile link and start following you. You can increase your social follower by emailing. So, you just need to use an email signature to your email.

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Check out the 11 best HTML free email signature generator tools.

1. HubSpot Email Signature Generator

HubSpot Email Signature Generator

Hubspot has many marketing software and the email signature generator tool is one of them. It is a unique and high-quality brand. So, their email signature generator is the best tool to generate HTML professional email signatures.

You can generate a nice HTML email signature using their awesome feature within a few minutes. Hubspot email signature allows custom color, text, and field editing. You can use this tool for free.

2. Canva Email Signature

Canva is the most popular online graphic design tool. A lot of free and premium email signature templates are available in Canva. You design and customized an email signature within a few minutes. Anyone can also make an email signature from scratch with Canva elements.

3. WiseStamp.

WiseStamp Email Signature Creator

The WiseStamp is the #1 email signature creator. It's trusted by 1,200,000+ Professionals. You can design your professional HTML email signature for free. WiseStamp has many email signature templates, custom social icons, G Suite Integration, design managers, etc.

4. Signature Maker.

Signature Maker Tools

The Signature Maker is a completely free email signature generator tool. You are not required to sign up or install any software. You can create your email signature and download it within a few seconds. Its design and features are very simple and easy to use.

Signature Maker allows the creation of font signatures and email signatures. All the email clients like Gmail, Yahoo, Apple Mail, Outlook, and Hotmail support Signature Maker's email signature.

Gimmio is the best email signature generator with advanced features. It's a nicely designed email signature maker tool and allows free use. has powerful layout control and an amazing style option.

It has 2000+ social icons, 44 fonts, and drag & drops editor. You can design your professional HTML email signature within minutes. And use with any email client like Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, Thundermail, Apple Mail, Mailbird, Office 360, etc.

6. Signmyemails.


The Signmyemails is a free HTML email signature generator. You can generate your clickable HTML email signature within 1 minute. It has a nice dashboard to create, design, and manage email signatures easily.

Signmyemails has many social icons, images, and add-ons to create a beautiful professional email signature. And available multiple preset email signature templates.

7. Newoldstamp Email Signature Generator.

Newoldstamp is a premium email signature generator tool. You can make 1 HTML email signature for free. It has many premium email signature templates, custom fonts, social icons, and images to use your email signature.

All email signature features are available in Newoldstamp and it's allowed to host email signatures. Newoldstamp support all email client.

8. Design Hill Email Signature Generator.

Design Hill Email Signature Creator

This tool is not just an email signature creator, it is a marketplace of all design services. You can design your email signature within minutes with the design hill-free email signature creator.

Design Hill have many email signature template, social icon, and custom design options. All email major clients like Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, and Apple Mail support Design Hill's email signature.

9. is a free HTML email signature generator. You can create your beautiful and professional HTML email signature within 60 seconds. It has 15+ fonts, customized social icons, and various design options.

10. Mail Signatures.

Mail Signatures Tools

The Mail Signatures is another awesome email signature creator. It has email signature tools, multiple templates, social icons, and all other necessary features. All major email clients support the Mail Signatures email signature template.


Htmlsig Email Signature Generator.

HTML is a popular email signature generator tool. It allows the creation a free professional email signature. All tools and features are available on Htmlsig. Most email clients like Gmail Yahoo, Hotmail, Outlook, Apple Mail, and Office 365 support Htmlsig email signatures.

So, we hope this list helps you to find the best and most free HTML email signature generator.