ConvertKit, ConvertKit review, ConvertKit pricing, ConvertKit feature, ConvertKit template, best email marketing software

ConvertKit Reveiw – Best Email Marketing for Content Creator.

ConvertKit, ConvertKit review, ConvertKit pricing, ConvertKit template, ConvertKit feature, ConvertKit affiliate, best email marketing for content creator, best email marketing software for blogger
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Convertkit review : Email marketing is a popular way to promote your products, blogs, or websites. However, having the right tools is very necessary for that. And that’s where Convertkit comes in. It is a powerful tool to reach the right audience in a short time. If you’re wondering if that’s the right thing for you, this Convertkit review is for you.

Email marketing is not easy. Reaching the right audience in a proper manner is very crucial. If the email doesn’t intrigue the client, it’s already a lost cause. But ConvertKit can help you find the community you need. It’s not just another marketing agency; it’s one o the best email marketing system that features everything.

In this article, we’re going to discuss some of the technicalities of ConvertKit and decide whether it’s the right thing for you.

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Description of ConvertKit

Convertkit is a full-fledged email marketing service platform that helps you reach your potential clients promptly. Founded by Nathan Barry, the system is intended for people struggling with complicated overpriced tools that yield disappointing results. Instead, he presented a more straightforward, well-built system for everyone.

Other than email marketing, it also features tools to create your landing page, templates for official emails, and options to monitor features such as open rates, customer feedback, etc.


Although Convertkit is relatively new, it has already established itself as one of the best email marketing software.

In hindsight, this might be just another email marketing tool, but inspecting carefully there’s a lot more than meets the eye. It helps you cater to individual clients.

A comprehensive tool with many micromanaging options allows you to gain the best out of it by investing your effort and insight.

Unlike a lot of its competitors, the user interface is straightforward. The customer service is very robust, always ready to aid you in everything you need to get the best user experience.

They have multiple options for you to choose from. Also, Convertkit Price depends on the number of subscribers. So any product you want, you get the best quality.

The product has many nuances that make it stand above the rest. Let’s break it down to its bones and discuss what makes it unique.

Why Use ConvertKit?

Several reasons make ConvertKit one of the best tools out there. These include:

  • Easy to use, doesn’t require a lot of tinkering here and there.
  • Have free plan.
  • Best for blogger and content creator.
  • Has it’s own concierge system. If you’re shifting from another system to Convertkit, they’ll help you shift your clients. They are saving you from the effort.
  • It helps you build your landing page and customer forms without extra effort.


Key features of ConvertKit are:

1. All-in-one system:

As far as online systems go, Convertkit provides you with everything you need. From the required programming to building your email templates, everything is right in your palms.

2. Email templates:

ConvertKit provides you with a wide range of models. From simple, minimalistic designs, to well detailed, fancy designs. The sky is the limit in terms of their templates. Instead of flashy emails with a lot of flairs and little to no substance, ConvertKits samples can help your client get a proper understanding of your business.

3. Different product categories:

lot of these online marketing tools rely on gimmicks. Hence the pricing of their tools is based on features. The more you pay, the better features you expect. ConvertKit heads a different route in this case. Instead of relying on gimmicks, the pricing is set based on subscribers. Your fees only increase with the increase in the number of subscribers, which is only fair because increased subscribers mean a substantive growth to your income.

4. Open rates and re-mailing options:

One of the best features of ConvertKit is that it lets you see the open rates of your mails. You can also individually see which clients have opened your mail and which haven’t—allowing you to mail them again with changed subjects and minor changes here and there.

Two massive advantages of this are that you don’t annoy clients who have already seen your mail, by mailing them twice. Also, you can individually reach out to clients who didn’t respond in the first place. This helps you get a bigger market with fewer things to worry out.

5. Automated campaign building:

Campaigns are a series of emails that are sent to clients at specific intervals. Helping your clients grasp the idea of your initiative better. The issue with campaigns with most systems is that you have to send the emails at their respective time manually. However, with ConvertKit, you can set up your campaign with a  few commands and get your client engaged.

ConvertKit Pricing:

As stated before, ConvertKits pricing is based on the number of subscribers you have.

You can open a free account at any time and start your business. The fees increase with the increase in subscribers per 1000.

ConvertKit paid plan start from $29 per month.

ConvertKit, ConvertKit review, ConvertKit pricing, ConvertKit template, ConvertKit feature, ConvertKit affiliate, best email marketing for content creator, best email marketing software for blogger
ConvertKit Monthly Pricing

For 2000 subscribers, the fee starts at $290 annually, with a slight increase with the number of subscribers. The highest available at their website is $39,990 for 800,000 subscribers. If you reach the limit, you can ask for a demo, and they’ll provide you with what you need. Furthermore, discounts and subsidies await as you gain more and more subscribers.


  • Easy to use.
  • Have free plan and trial.
  • Available all email marketing feature.
  • Best for content creator.
  • A well-built system with no extra expenses
  • Concierge system if you’re moving from another system
  • Automated campaigns


  • Expensive compared to competitors.
  • Lack of design options.
  • Not good for larg companies.


ConvertKit has a very robust client response system. If you have more than 900,000 subscribers, you can ask for a demo. Since there is no initial investment, you can register and opt out anytime. Also, any queries, complaints, recommendations, you can just contact their online help center and they’ll respond immediately.

Final Verdict:

The world ops email marketing isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. It’s incredibly competitive, where everyone wants to get the better off everyone. If you need a headstart in this field, ConvertKit is the way to go.

This Convertkit Review focuses on some of the product’s core features; its technicalities and its pros and cons. If you’re looking for something to win the hearts (and mails) of your clients, you’re in the right place.

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