GetResponse Review: The Best Email Marketing Software For Startup

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The GetResponse review is for those who are searching for email marketing software for their startup business. Cause this is the most accessible newsletter tool, landing page builder, and email marketing service with a ton of pro features that is available. GetResponse is the complete email marketing solution. See the full GetResponse review to know the features, prices, and benefits of Getresponse email marketing.

 Getting responses is a big claim, and it’s the price. It is competitive. This excellent company’s global reach extends to 182 countries.

And you are over 1 billion subscribers every month. So, what do you think? there are so many emails. They are feature-wise email marketing services.

So, they can feel proud of themselves. Because the perfect design gets its best email marketing services. And testing to video email marketing and custom landing pages.

Their new feature is important for commercial people. It can work as an online store with payment processing. We discuss now the GetResponse review.

Here we are trying to give you comprehensive information about the GetResponse review. So, don’t go anywhere, read this article, and get more information.

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Discussion Of GetResponse Review:

GetResponse is one of the full email marketing software for startups, eCommerce, and any type of business. It can boost sales and create content. And, also it can help to increase traffic to your website.

Additionally, it also works for autoresponders, email marketing, landing page builder, website builder, and launch effective marketing campaigns.

It makes it easy to track conversions, ROI, leads, and learn what your customer wants. The GetResponse does the work for your customizable template scenarios. You do not need any coding.


GetResponse is the most well-known email marketing software company in the world. This GetResponse has continued to grow for many years.

It offers a user-friendly interface and also visually offers appealing features. This offer has some advanced marketing and automation features. All the things are on par with any competitors.

This is a versatile tool which means this is a combination of several tools under one name. For example, you can take help from these tools to host and run webinars. You can also design opt-in forms and create landing pages. And, also you can set up an exact off-site automation series.

You can get them together in this GetResponse. GetResponse was the first email marketing tool. It will introduce A/B testing features.

You will understand which email version can perform better with your audience. For that reason, in this world, more than 35000 customers trust this software.

There are many brands included with this software like IKEA and Hilton. Marketers also use this software like Neil Patel, Marcus Taylor, and Leslie Samuels.   

Let’s dissect the tool further to see what it offers.

Why Do You Use GetResponse?

This GetResponse is best for many reasons. Below, we give some of the reasons. So, let’s check:

  • First of all, GetResponse is best for startups because you can get all-in-one excellent services. You can get email marketing, and offer landing pages in GetResponse.
  • You can also get advanced automatic, and CRM. So, if you want you can do that.
  • Another reason this GetResponse is best is because of its price rate. We mean their entry plan is reasonable. So, you can have different kinds of pricing plans. For that, you can start with any platform at any price that you want.
  • These tools offer a 30-day free trial without a credit card.
  • And also one of the most significant reasons is its amazing advanced features. This GetResponse has some incredible features which can help you boost your plan.
  • GetResponse is the best email marketing software for affiliate marketers.
  • And the most important reason is they give a massive discount to NGOs.

GetResponse Features:

Any email marketing software’s real power is to give you a determination for control. It gives you audience personalization, email deliverability, and targeting.

But GetResponse excels and gives you these features together. It’s another excellent feature is:

1. Operate Your Contacts With Tags and Custom Fields:

  • GetResponse allows you to manage your contacts with tags and custom fields. And custom fields help you to collect other information about your subscribers.
  • And it also creates more personalized issues. Like for further to the standard “First name” and “Email fields”.
  • And if you want, you can add fields like gender, currency, city, favorite movie, or other information.
  • You can use all information when you create an email campaign. It goes into your contact database.
  1. You can use tags as keywords to select your contacts. It can choose to identify actual action or behavior.

2. Autoresponder Of GetResponse:

  • The autoresponder is an e-newsletter that is sent to your subscribers at intervals. For example, when someone signs up for your mailing list, you can set them up immediately.
  • Subscribers receive a welcome message from your business. And, from your weak letter, they could accept a discount offer for services or your products.
  • You can also encourage the audience three weeks later to follow you on social media.
  • Autoresponder functionality is a key selling point of this GetResponse. The product offers the most extensive autoresponder functionality available.

3. Marketing Automation:

  • Nowadays this GetResponse introduced a new version of their new autoresponder. Functionality the name is ‘Marketing Automation.’
  • You can create automation workflows using a drop builder with this “Marketing Automation“. You can set up an ‘automation flowchart’, and it instructs what to do in a Getresponse.
  • This marketing automation will guide you when a user opens a particular offer or blocks a specific link.
  • You can watch GetResponse’s version overview for this “Marketing Automation”. You will get a quick overview.

4. GetResponse E-newsletter Templates:

  • The e-newsletter template is also a new version of the GetResponse email creator. Currently, this is being rolled out.
  • There are two e-newsletter templates available. One is an old email creator, and another is a new, ” BETA’ version.
  • If you want to talk about the quality, the new version is better than the old version. There are about 100 fewer available than running email marketing solutions like “Aweber“.
  • Newsletters are different to provide about 700. And their designs are very modern.
  • This template catalog is a few categories, such as promoting, educating, selling, etc.
  • The old templates have a more significant range available over 500.  These templates are industry-based categories.
  • This template is reasonable. Because they appear in the latest version of Gmail for mobile.

5. Sales Funnel

Getresponse has a great feature named sales funnel. This feature is available to premium users. You can create your sales funnel with a few clicks. You can also customize a ready-made sales funnel.

6. Website Builder

A free website builder is a great feature of GetResponse. You do not require any coding to create your website. A lot of ready-made website templates are available in GetResponse for any industry.

7. Landing Page Builder

To create a free landing page, GetResponse offers a landing page builder feature. About 100 landing page templates are available on GetResponse. You can also design the landing from scratch.

Pricing Of GetResponse:

There are four different types of GetResponse plans. You can choose any of these GetResponse plans. So, check out the following pricing guide which we have given below:

Getresponse Monthly Pricing:

Basic: $15 Monthly for 1,000 subscribers. Send emails and build new subscribers.

Plus: $49 Monthly for 1,000 subscribers. Scale your leads, increase sales, and grow your business.

Professional:  $99 Monthly for 1,000 subscribers. Use all pro features to optimize your campaign and result.

Getresponse, getresponse pricing, getrsponce review
GetResponse Monthly Pricing

GetResponse Yearly Pricing:

Basic: $12.3 Monthly for 1,000 subscribers. Send emails and build new subscribers.

Plus: $40.18 Monthly for 1,000 subscribers. Scale your leads, increase sales, and grow your business.

Professional:  $81.18 Monthly for 1,000 subscribers. Use all pro features to optimize your campaign and result.

GetResponse Yearly Pricing, GetResponse Pricing, getresponse, getresponse review
GetResponse Yearly Pricing

GetResponse 24-Month Pricing:

Basic: $10.50 Monthly for 1,000 subscribers. Send emails and build new subscribers.

Plus: $34.30 Monthly for 1,000 subscribers. Scale your leads, increase sales, and grow your business.

Professional:  $69.30 Monthly for 1,000 subscribers. Use all pro features to optimize your campaign and result.

GetResponse 24-Month Pricing, GetResponse, GetResponse review, getrsponse pricing
GetResponse 24-Month Pricing

Contact For Custom Pricing.

Pros and cons Of GetResponse:

Here we include the advantage of this GetResponse.So, please read it:


  • Best for affiliate marketers.
  • First-month free trial.
  • Have excellent marketing automation options.
  • It provides a great approach to data segmentation.
  • Available email marketing feature.


  • Some expensive to use all pro features.


GetResponse gives all product preferences, and it also can promote all related products. If you want, you can add the suggestions via GetResponse email marketing.

They can give your product fast delivery and if any problem it can solve your problem.

Getresponse Alternatives:

Top alternatives of GetResponse.


This is the oldest device on the market. But it is still a strong competitor in the email marketing business. So, this GetResponse provides all of the mainstream email marketing options.

Moreover, GetResponse makes webinars and landing pages. It also makes it a tempting option for internet marketers. The most important point is it encourages affiliate product promotions. It is the other attraction for most online businesses.

This is all information about the GetResponse review. However, we hope this article is helpful to you. Cause this is a complete package for any business. So, go ahead and sign up for your GetResponse.

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