How to do bulk SMS marketing? Everything you need to know

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Bulk SMS marketing is very important for any type of business. It’s the most effective and actionable marketing strategy to promote new and startup businesses. But you need to know the proper way to start bulk SMS marketing. In this article, we’ll discuss about How to do bulk SMS marketing?

Advantage of bulk SMS marketing:

  • It has the highest read rate
  • Cost-effective marketing strategy
  • Bulk SMS marketing is convenient
  • It guarantees enhanced communication with clients
  • It’s a fast communication channel
  • Proactive Customers
  • It’s an excellent and available reference

Step by step guide of bulk SMS marketing Campaign.

1. Choose a bulk SMS Software

With the best software for sending bulk texts, your business will succeed. It would be best if you chose fast and easy-to-use software. The first step should be comparing prices, features of each software, reviews, among others. The standard bulk SMS software include;

  • EZ Texting: Overall Best software for bulk SMS marketing.

This platform is an SMS software designed to serve media agencies, marketing providers, startups, etc. it’s popular and convenient, but this depends on the business owner’s preference.

  • Textedly: Easy to use.

This software is very easy to use and user-friendly. Instantly you can send 1,000,000 bulk SMS to any mobile number.

  • BulkSMS: Best for application-to-person (A2P) messaging services.

This is User-friendly software for sending masses of texts, and it’s convenient for small and large businesses. Many clients love it because you can easily send bulk texts, IDs, automating responses, and creating custom messages.

Here are 10 more best SMS marketing software and tools to free use.

  1. Podium
  2. BirdEye
  3. SimpleTexting
  4. DialMyCalls
  5. SlickText
  6. Attentive
  7. Text-Em-All
  8. Postscript
  9. Zipwhip
  10. Heymarket

2. Create a target contact number list

With a target contacts list, you will have identified the potential clients to convert your sales and leads. A business’s marketing and sales teams come up with this list of clients they term as priority accounts to go after the clients. These lists are essential for tailoring conversations.

These target numbers are essential in these ways;

  • You concentrate on prospects; hence this boosts your overall ROI
  • It guarantees an improved workflow
  • It improves sales, and it’s a measure of success; hence businesses win eventually
  • It increases consistency in the buyer lifecycle

3. Write a customized message body

The messaging app allows users to create content or notifications to send to the target list of numbers. The software has editing features and formatting features that you can use to enhance the subject or body of your message.

Tips for composing the best message body;

  • Ensure the message subject is helpful
  • Include all the message content properties
  • Include product images if necessary
  • Keep the message body short with a few characters

4. Add segmentation to the contact list

The segments are essential in the contact list because they allow business owners to engage with their contacts by sending personalized or targeted content messages. You can filter your contact list by segment like location, gender, industry, niches, etc.

5. Send the message at the right time

Time is always essential; hence conveying the message at the right time is very important. Because the success of the SMS marketing campaign is directly impacting the timing. You here can find the details of the best time to send bulk SMS for mobile marketing.

6. Analyse the bulk SMS campaign

After the send your SMS to the receivers, you need to analyze your SMS marketing campaign performance. Follow up regularly on your campaign activity and take action where need.


Successful businesses use bulk SMS marketing strategies to grow their business. This strategy helps businesses reached their customer demands.  To promote your business/services, you should choose the best communication channel, and a bulk SMS marketing strategy is the ultimate solution for business stability and growth. We hope, you get the proper idea and guidelines of bulk SMS mobile marketing.

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