Importance Of Email Marketing For eCommerce Business


If you’re running an eCommerce business whatsoever at this age, then email marketing is so important for you. You wouldn’t want to be losing touch with the teaming population of internet users and smartphone owners that covers more than 60 percent of the total world population. The good thing about this is that these statistics promise only to increase with time and more technological advancements.

Realistically, it is not just having the knowledge of digital marketing, it is basically about doing it the absolute right way to get desired leads and voluminous sales from your leads. That said, you have to be able to identify the many channels of digital marketing and select which works best for you.

There are many of these to be reckoned with depending on the resources at your disposal and what technical ways you think to go about your marketing. However, email marketing still projects as one of the very best for any kind of business. To this end, we have decided to intimate you with 8 particular importance of email marketing for your business. But first;

What is email marketing?

This refers to a highly effective marketing strategy for sending emails to your business prospects and customers. The importance of email marketing is to keep your customer close to you with news updates, newsletters, offers, and lots more. With emails, you can as well send your customers and prospects basic information about your business. This may include contact information, working hours, changes in services, and terms of service, among others. The good thing about this marketing strategy is that when effective, emails convert prospects into customers and one-time buyers to returning loyal ones.

Importance of Email Marketing.

The importance of email marketing for business cannot be overemphasized. Questions regarding the importance of email marketing for e-commerce can also be satisfactorily answered when individuals understand how it works and how perfectly it can become a tool to turn your business leads into buyers’ persona. Below are some of the importance of email marketing for business as has been observed, confirmed, and compiled;

1. Emails get you connected with your audience.

Marketing usually begins with interaction and visibility. Before anyone would likely buy anything from you, they must have been hearing about you via one channel or the other for some time. Email is an intimate way to get connected with your audience this way. The good thing about this is that an estimated 3.8 billion people in the world have an email account. This figure represents over 80 percent of the world’s active internet users that is estimated at 4.66 billion. All these statistics could mean only one thing; almost all of your prospects and customers have email accounts, and that positions email as one of the best ways to get you connected to them. Email is therefore one of the most effective tools for business campaigns.

2. Reach your targeted clients.

Reaching your target clients sometimes requires that you send personalized messages to them. Email is the absolute best way to send personalized emails to almost anyone. Targeted emails help you to put the right content in front of the right customers to provoke the right decisions while removing resistance as much as possible. This will always result in having more sales and transforming eager customers to your audience/customer base. There are basically three ways to do this;

  • Think like you are the customer
  • Target customers by their interests, and
  • Target inactive customers.

3. Send offers to your subscribers.

Email collection is an essential part of your sales funnel and lead magnet. In these two instances, digital marketers usually strategize on the best gifts they could give to their customers in exchange for their emails. The most commonly used of these techniques is the subscription method where your audiences have to submit their emails as subscription criteria before getting those free gifts. Emails that are harvested during these processes are usually used to target your subscribers with sales campaigns. Basically, you send them offers and influence their purchase decisions through this means. This is one of the reasons why email marketing is so important to your business. To learn more about how to an email lead magnet kindly read from here.

4. Cost-effective marketing platform.

You are spending absolutely nothing on sending an email to your audience more than how much you spent on your internet subscription and maybe sales copywriting. You might need to subscribe to some mailing platforms like MailChimp. if you are sending bulk emails anyway. These are actually very cheap and affordable subscriptions though. All these reasons classify email as a relatively cost-effecting marketing campaign platform compared to others. Why then are you not taking this advantage when it is also confirmed to be yielding massive campaign and sales results?

5. Increase credibility.

Most small businesses have to overcome credibility concerns to enjoy the limelight. They usually struggle to build strong credibility for themselves. The reason is that many clients find it difficult to give business to you when your name is not recognizable as the big box store down the road. Your audiences are familiar with the bigger brand names than they are with you. Meanwhile, customers have to trust you before doing business with you.

By using email marketing, you will be able to build credibility by staying in contact with your clients and prospects every now and then. You can freely keep them up to date with your business news and offers. The more they learn about your business this way, the more they will trust your business.

6. Most people use emails.

As said earlier, a 2019 report suggests that the world now has an estimated 4.66 billion active internet users. Of these numbers, not less than 3.8 billion have emails. This simply means that most of the online audiences, prospects, and customers you aim at marketing your products and services to online can be reached simply via email. This further summarized the importance of email for marketing for eCommerce businesses. Why then would you not use a platform so strategic and direct for your marketing?

7. Increase sales and revenue.

The more you reach out to your prospects and customers strategically via email marketing with offers, news, trends, and update, the more you are likely to influence their purchasing decision and their credibility feeling about your brand. This will always result in increased sales and revenues for your business. Of course, this is what everybody aims at with marketing.

8. Email marketing is easy to measure.

Marketing is never a complete process without analytics. You must be able to evaluate the effectiveness of your marketing strategy to reach, visibility, and result. Email marketing makes this entirely easy. With a number of tools and email marketing platforms, you can discern the number of people who actually opened to read your emails, the numbers that are spammed, and the bounce rates. You can also trace who has made purchasing decisions from your email links.

This will help you to keep track of your marketing activities for retargeting, necessary optimization, results, and further performance evaluations. Email marketing has simply got all you need to fortify your digital marketing campaigns to any level you wish. Yours is to take advantage.

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